Known DramaFever Roku issues

Update: We released a new version of the Roku channel on October 15th, 2014 to address the issues below. If you're having any trouble with the update, please contact us here with a brief explanation of the issue, the series/episode you were watching, and which Roku you are using.


Our Roku channel currently only streams in HD quality, which requires a strong Internet connection. If you are experiencing slow loading or repeated buffering, you may want to try connecting your Roku via a wired connection. You can check your network's speed at

Frozen subtitles/subtitles disappear

We have received reports from members that are using the Roku 2 or below that subtitles will freeze occasionally during video playback. We're working to fix this.

Certain episodes not loading past 13%

Certain episodes of our older series are not loading past 13% on the Channel. We are working to get this fixed and hope to have updates soon.

If you're experiencing a different problem on the channel, please try the troubleshooting steps listed here.
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